03 June, 2011

My first Bundle Monster manicure. Моят първи Bundle Monster маникюр.

Много съм слаба и като порядъчно обсебен в печатите човек не успях да издържа на новите Bundle Monster шаблони. Поръчах ги миналия месец и ги получих преди две седмици. Имах два проблема с моите шаблони, но от BM бяха достатъчно добри да ги разрешат. Когато всичко се изясни, най-накрая ги пробвах.

I'm really week and as a stamping obsessed person I couldn't resist on the new Bundle Monster plates. I order then last month and I received them two weeks ago. I had couple of problems with my plates but BM figured them out and I finally tried them after everything was clear.

Също така използвах и моят нов топ лак - China Glaze Fast Forward. Както виждате размазах с топ лака на няколко места печата. Не се безпокоя все още, защото си мисля, че бях разглезена от Seche Vite топ лака. С него изобщо не чаках да изсъхне печата, а направо лакирах. В действителност дори съм приятно изненадана колко бързо изсъхва лака с Fast Forward. Почти толкова бързо колкото и с Seshе Vite. Надявам се следващия път, когато го използвам и изчакам боичката да изсъхне, да не ми се размаже печата.
Ето и какво използвах:

 Основа - Orly Bonder
Лак -Essence Color & Go 51 Mellow yellow
Bundle Monster шаблон- BM-224
Боичка за печати - Бял лак (Umbrella) със синьо мастило в него
Топ лак - China Glaze Fast Forward

All images are click-able for more detailed view.
Also I tried here my new top coat - China Glaze Fast Forward. As you can see I smudged the design in several places. But I think that this is because I was using Seche Vite before that and with Seche I'm not waiting at all for my design to dry. I'm actually surprised how fast Fast forward dries - аlmost as fast as Seche Vite. Next time when I use it and I'll wait for the design to dry and I hope it will not smudged the design. So this is what I used:

 Base coat - Orly Bonder
Nail polish -Essence Color & Go 51 Mellow yellow
Bundle Monster plate - BM-224
Stamping color - White nail polish (Umbrella) with blue ink in it
Top coat - China Glaze Fast Forward

Снимките могат да се изберат с мишката, за да се видят в реален размер.

All images are click-able for more detailed view.

Posted by Nynaeve with a lot of smiles!


  1. You are à artist!! Love all your designs! Do you read my request on Twitter? I have à photoshoot over 6 days and I should like to have " à special pedicure"
    My favorite colors are red, pond and purple!
    THE photoshoot is à bikini shoot on THE beach ( for my bf, who is à real footlover...hihi...that 's why I ask you to make à design for me ( him )

    Xx from Amsterdam

  2. I just saw your request. I have a little problem with it. I've just recently done my pedicure and I do not want to remove it yet. But I could post the design so this could be the idea that you want to see. You just have to change the colors - I made my pedicure with orange and white and you can change it to red and pink or purple. If you're good with this I could post it on monday.

  3. And also I could do my pedicure next time with your favorite colors but it is not going to be so soon as you want.

  4. Thanks, that should be nice!
    Another question: why don't you post more pedicures?
    I like to polisch my toes, even THE are not so beautiful like yours, but Give them Every week another color. Bechause of my profession it 's not aloud to have nailpolisch on my fingers.
    Xx Amber ( and Frans)

  5. Actually I do not have enough time. With all my work, blogging and having a man and a cat (my two children ;)) in my home I can't find time to do my toes regular. And if I have to be honest I love doing my nails, but I hate to do my toes.

    I know that you two are obsessed with pedicure but I'm not so probably I'm going to post about them rare.

  6. Okay, clear..:).
    I just wait at THE moment you post à pedicure in your blog.
    Ànd just for THE record: it's only Frans who loves feet.
    I'm THE one who like your feet bechause THE shape is perfect and I wish my own feet are so cute!
    It's not a sexual thing.

    Xx amber

  7. LOVE IT!!! I love purple and yellow together too :) Your nails are bomb.
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes
    ^follow the link to my take on nail polish trends :) Thanks!!